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Jesus Is King

Please do not purchase this item unless you are absolutely sure that you want it.
all tires are 10 yrs and older

We offer military tires (Humvee, trailer tires etc.), surplus, and much more. Located in Avery, TX

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Michelin XL G-20 15.5/80R20 18-Ply

46" MICHELIN-XZL-395-85-R20
18-Ply 46" tall tires

46" Goodyear MVT-395-85-R20 14-Ply 46" tall tires

46" MICHELIN-XML-395-85-R20
14-Ply 46" tall tires

53" Michelin 1600 R20 XZL
Load range: M 53" tall tires
all terrain

37" Goodyear Wrangler MTR
37/12.50-16.5 MTR
all terrain

37" Goodyear Wrangler MT
37/12.50-16.5 MT
all terrain

37" BF Goodrich Baja
37/12.50-16.5 BF
all terrain

44" 12.00R20 MICHELIN XZL 18 PLY

44" 12.00R20 MICHELIN XML 16

1000R15 tire 18 ply radial tire and wheel 10 lug 

1000R15 tire 18 ply radial tire and wheel 6 lug

1000R15 tire 18 ply radial tire and wheel 

Sand Trail 450/80R20 Tire Military Tire Wheel Assembly Super single M35A2 MRAP

5 Ton Wheels

Custom 16.5" Wheels. 8 X 6.5 bolt pattern.

17.5-25 Bias OTR TIRE L-2 Super Ground Grip 16-PLY

16.5" Wheels. 8 X 6.5 bolt pattern.

16R20 - 10 Hole Bud - 52" Tall.


20″ x 10″ w/ 10 x 335MM Lug Pattern Steel MRAP Wheel (20-Bolt)

Diesel Utility Golf Cart

New 10 ft fork extensions heavy duty left 6000 $1200

contact us if you need a shipping rate 


New Bucket price $750

curl bar $100

elliptical exercise machine
Price $500

Attachment Mount Plate Skid steer blank plate, new
Price $200 each have 3 in stock

Black Gooseneck Trailer
8 new tires 

White Gooseneck Trailer

2003 Ford f250
does not run $2800 

skid steer quick connect forks


2008 Ford F350 crew cab truck 
Price $14,000

Ramp $10,000


building 8x16 price $2500 

forklift $5000

Wheel loader $16,000 4x4

4x4 forklift $8000 solid wheels or we have regular air up tires

bathroom building has 2 bathrooms $3500 8x12

32-in x 48-in Beaded White Hardboard Wainscot Wall Panel
price $6 each new

Ball mill $1500

12000 BRAKE AXLE TRAILER have 6 in stock $1000 per axle 10000 10K BRAKE AXLE TRAILER 4 in stock $800 per axle 

10k forklift $8000


corn, wheat, soy we sell by the ton call for price 

Tin sheet 8 ft up to 20 ft

calico male taking a nap after a long hard day work

mixing food for the pigs Donkeys helping

19 inch tire and wheel $200 each have 50 in stock

Fence Panle make offer

hog trap price $225

Gun rack have 8 of them price $80 each

Grinder price $4500

Pallets $4 each

post 4x4 8 ft price $10 each

Shelter price $225 each

New skid steer tiller attachment
price $1500

skid steer attachments grapples
48 inches price $1150 SOLD

Kunekune pigs

Kunekunes are the only truly grazing pig, being able to survive on grasses alone.

Kunekune pigs are a small, domesticated pig breed from New Zealand.
The word "kunekune" is Maori for "fat and round".
Kunekunes are smaller and fatter than most domesticated pigs, with round bellies, short snouts, and stubby legs.
They can weigh between 120 and 240 pounds and grow to be up to 30 inches in length.
Their color ranges from black and white, to ginger, cream, gold-tip, black, brown, and tricolored. 


Lifespan Working donkeys in the poorest countries have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years; in more prosperous countries, they may have a lifespan of 30 to 50 years.

Donkeys are known to be effective guard animals for livestock. They have a natural instinct to protect the animals they are bonded with, and their territorial nature and loud braying make them effective deterrents for predators.  

American guinea hog

Guinea Hogs are hardy and efficient, gaining weight on the roughest of forage and producing the hams, bacon, and lard essential for subsistence farming.

Guinea hogs have hairy coats, upright ears and a curly tail. Weighing between 100 and 300 pounds, hogs have thick, insulating fat on their body to keep warm. Also known as "yard pigs," guinea hogs are domesticated animals known for their easy-going temperaments.

Juliana pigs

Juliana pigs, also known as miniature painted pigs, are small, colorful, spotted pigs. They are lean, athletic, and longer than they are tall. Juliana pigs are bred for disposition and are sweet, loving, and social creatures that enjoy human interaction and get along well with other animals.

Juliana pigs are very smart and can be trained to walk on a leash/harness and to sit, stay, come, and retrieve objects. They also can be trained to walk up a ramp into a car or a pet carrier for transport and to roll over on to their backs so that their hooves can be trimmed. Mini pigs can be litter box trained with patience, consistent training, and perseverance. They can lose their litter training skills over time, so it's best to teach them to go potty outdoors early on.

Their tiny size means that they are rarely farmed because they would produce minimal meat. However, their meat is said to taste like any other pork, and their small size means that they would be easy to farm. The Juliana pig usually weighs between 30 and 60 pounds. is our sister company if your looking for fresh food or farm animals give them a call or contact us

Laying hens $35 each Roosters $25 each

Piglet call for price

we have 3 Holstein they were Born 11/19/23 call for price we have 3 

goats Nigerian dwarf 3 male 1 female

6 week old male quail $8 each female $15 each

quail 1 day to 7 days old $2 each

Chickens Laying hens $35 each Roosters $25 each

female Duck $40 each or male duck $30 each

baby ducks $5 each

jumbo coturnix quail fertile eggs
24 eggs for $24 Free Standard Shipping

American guinea hog

jumbo coturnix quail fertile eggs
24 eggs for $19 Free Standard Shipping

Please do not purchase this item unless you are absolutely sure that you want it.

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The original shipping cost is non-refundable.
The buyer is responsible for all fees and damage that may occur to the product during the return.


Yes by appointment only

We only load trailers. Are insurance does not allow us to get close to your vehicle.

No, we sale online. If the tire is on a wheel we sale it on a wheel if it's off wheel we keep it off the wheel. We are not a tire shop we do not mount tires.

To a business or pickup at the trucking companies yard. Residential and Lift gates are expensive. Limited Access is the most expensive.

Yes but cost more for residential delivery.



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