Hummer military tires MT
Goodyear Wrangler all terrain

37" Hummer military tires 37/12.50-16.5 MT

Price base on size of order and tread life condition of tire.
100% tread life
98% tread life
90% up
80% up
70% up
60% up
50% up
Self-cleaning tread elements for traction and tough performance.
Patented, uni-directional tread for aggressive gripping action.
Hefty reinforced lugs help conquer off-road conditions such as heavy soil and mud.
High-tensile steel belts help deliver on-road handling and off-road puncture resistance.

Price does not include shipping
we can help you set up your shipping

we can place tires on pallet and load for you
each tire weight is 87 lbs
320 tires will fit in a 40ft High Cube
450 tires will fit in a 53 ft semi load
for small orders, we can stack the tires up to six high