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all terrain tires

1 Michelin XZL-395-85-R20 98% tread life
Price $450

1 Michelin XZL-395-85-R20 90% tread life
Price $300

1 Michelin XZL-395-85-R20 80% tread life
Price $200

1 Michelin XZL-395-85-R20 70% tread life
Price $150

1 Michelin XZL-395-85-R20 60% tread life
Price $100

1 Michelin XZL-395-85-R20 50% tread life
Price $75

Self-cleaning tread elements for traction and tough performance.
Patented, uni-directional tread for aggressive gripping action.
Hefty reinforced lugs help conquer off-road conditions such as heavy soil and mud.
High-tensile steel belts help deliver on-road handling and off-road puncture resistance.

46" MICHELIN XZL-395-85-R20
395/85R20. 46" MICHELIN-ZXL 395/85R20, Super Single Tire. 46 inches tall diameter. 395 x 85 x R20. A strong steel belt package helps resist cuts, bruises, and punctures. • High-tensile strength radial casing for increased sidewall strength. • Positive grip in mud

MICHELIN-XZL all terrain tIre
MAX LOAD SINGLE: 5,600 kg / 12,300 LBS @ 830 kPa / 120 psi
LOAD RANGE: J (18-ply rated)
TUBE REQ.: Tube or Tubeless
TIRE WEIGHT: 225 lbs

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